• Ryan A. Schofield
    • Adrian L. Lu
    • Stephen L. Leiby
    • Katherine M. Moore
    • Jordan L. Roberts
    • Sybille M. Roth
    • Justin P. Reidling
    • Lauren Von Blohn
    • Wilson Shao
    • Winter Saeedi
    • Jake M. Schpero
    • Hester Ng
    • Matthew D. Hsiung
    • Nathan N. Sistek

Environmental Noise Studies

Architect: Various Clients

Our consultants are involved in all facets of environmental noise impact assessments. We use short-term and long-term noise monitoring equipment to quantify noise levels in complex environments, many with multiple noise sources. Noise exposure modeling is used to predict future noise levels for sources including vehicular traffic, rail transit, aircraft, and industrial sources. The measurements and modeling are used to evaluate noise impacts and to develop mitigation measures to meet applicable standards and to minimize annoyance.