• Ryan A. Schofield
    • Adrian L. Lu
    • Stephen L. Leiby
    • Katherine M. Moore
    • Jordan L. Roberts
    • Sybille M. Roth
    • Justin P. Reidling
    • Lauren Von Blohn
    • Wilson Shao
    • Winter Saeedi
    • Jake M. Schpero
    • Hester Ng
    • Matthew D. Hsiung
    • Nathan N. Sistek

St. Mary's College School of Education, Moraga, CA

Architect: Ratcliff Architects, Emeryville, CA

State-of-the-art instructional facilities were added to the college while preserving the historical architecture of the building. Charles M. Salter Associates provided audiovisual design for the new classrooms and office spaces. The building also allows for focus group observation, such as viewing a Montessori school lab.