• Ryan A. Schofield
    • Adrian L. Lu
    • Stephen L. Leiby
    • Katherine M. Moore
    • Jordan L. Roberts
    • Sybille M. Roth
    • Justin P. Reidling
    • Lauren Von Blohn
    • Wilson Shao
    • Winter Saeedi
    • Jake M. Schpero
    • Hester Ng
    • Matthew D. Hsiung
    • Nathan N. Sistek

Santa Rosa Junior College Doyle Library, Santa Rosa, CA

Architect: TLCD Architecture, Santa Rosa, CA

This 145,000 square foot building features a media production television studio, viewing rooms, and other media services. Acoustical and audiovisual consulting for the new library and learning resource center was provided by CSA. A sound masking system was used to increase speech privacy and minimize acoustical disruptions. The $45 million library opened in 2006.