• Ryan A. Schofield
    • Adrian L. Lu
    • Stephen L. Leiby
    • Katherine M. Moore
    • Jordan L. Roberts
    • Sybille M. Roth
    • Justin P. Reidling
    • Lauren Von Blohn
    • Wilson Shao
    • Winter Saeedi
    • Jake M. Schpero
    • Hester Ng
    • Matthew D. Hsiung
    • Nathan N. Sistek

California Advanced Imaging MRI Vibration Study, San Francisco, CA

Client: California Advanced Imaging, San Francisco, CA

This study evaluated potential ground vibration affecting the operation of a magnetic resonance imager (MRI). The vibration source was future construction of a building adjacent to the MRI. A moving bulldozer was used to simulate construction activities occurring on the adjacent parcel. Experimental techniques were developed for relating ground vibration magnitudes to an objective measure of MRI image degradation. During our testing, we found that the vibration effects on the MRI image quality were minimal.