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News | 2010

October 2010

Charles M. Salter Associates announces an important milestone: our 35-year anniversary. In 1975, the firm was founded as an acoustical consulting firm with one consultant: Charlie. Now, our 32 consultants specialize in acoustics, audiovisual, telecommunications, and security consulting and have backgrounds in engineering, architecture, music, speech, and theater. This interdisciplinary team allows us to provide clients with tailored services for a wide variety of project types and consult on approximately 900 projects annually.

In 1990, Salter began offering audiovisual services in addition to acoustical consulting. As our business expanded to the South Bay, we opened an office in San Jose. Since 1992, the Audio Forensics Center, a subsidiary of Salter, has provided scientific analyses of audio and video technology and recorded evidence. Within the past eight years, we added telecommunications and security consulting services. Our firm now provides integrated system designs that address low-voltage technology for the built environment.

With seven LEED-accredited professionals on staff, we are involved in numerous “green” and sustainable projects. Salter recently completed a 5,000 square foot office expansion in the historic Hallidie Building, which was designed to receive LEED Gold Certification. The space is a flexible meeting and teaching environment where we demonstrate acoustical, audiovisual, and telecommunications technologies. An audio/video conference room is included, which provides enhanced communication with our clients.

We want to thank our clients, partners, employees, and everyone who has been a part of Charles M. Salter Associate’s 35-year history. We look forward to many more successful years!

September 2010

Charles M. Salter Associates announces the completion of a new post-production facility for TOHO Studios in Tokyo. TOHO is most famous worldwide as the creator of Godzilla, known as the King of the Monsters, and for its special effects. It was also the home of director Akira Kurosawa, best known for his influential film, The Seven Samurai.

TOHO Post-Production Center 1 is the first new post-production facility in Japan in about 50 years. The Center includes a new feature film dubbing stage, a 100-seat screening theater, an ADR suite, a Foley suite, and various technical support facilities.

Salter developed the room acoustics design (including the interior design) for these new facilities and provided peer review for the architectural sound isolation and HVAC system noise reduction. We worked closely with TOHO Studios and Takenaka Construction as the acoustical design of the project progressed. This included meetings at the TOHO Studios lot, construction phase site visits, and acoustical testing.


May 2010

Charles M. Salter Associates is pleased to announce that Ethan Salter, LEED AP wrote the chapter on sustainable design and acoustics in the new book Architectural Acoustics: Principles and Practice, 2nd Edition, published in November 2009 by Wiley. The chapter comprehensively reviews acoustical design in sustainable buildings and how green building rating systems address acoustics.

Sustainable acoustical design requirements are described in three case studies: a university laboratory/research facility, a high school, and an office tenant improvement.

Ethan has a profound respect for the environment and, therefore, views noise control as a quality of life issue. In 2006, Ethan became our first LEED Accredited Professional. His project experience includes housing, mixed-use buildings, hotels/resorts, educational facilities, and commercial projects throughout the United States.

Ethan and three other authors will discuss information from selected chapters in the book at the upcoming AIA 2010 National Convention in Miami, Florida in June.