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Felipe Tavera | Consultant

Felipe’s love for physics and mathematics, combined with his passion for music that led him to perform in several bands, compelled him to pursue a degree in acoustical engineering. Native to Bogota, Colombia, Felipe first started his career as a post-production mixing engineer while building expertise as a noise control consultant for a mass transport system part-time. This allowed him to transition into a full-time position as an acoustical engineer at a local company. Seeking a greater challenge and a bigger marketplace, he moved to the United States where he has been for several years, first as a project engineer and manager for a firm on the East Coast and now since 2015 with the Salter team.

Felipe’s main areas of expertise are architectural acoustics, noise control, and audiovisual system design, allowing him to be an integral part of a wide range of projects such as recording and broadcasting studios, concert halls, amphitheaters, multi-family housing, laboratories, medical facilities, and educational spaces.


Universidad de San Buenaventura, Colombia, B.S. Sound and Acoustic Engineering


Audio Engineering Society, Member
Allied Member of AIA San Francisco