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Durand R. Begault, PhD, FAES | Director, Audio Forensic Center

Dr. Begault has been associated with Charles M. Salter Associates, Inc. (Salter) since 1996 as an acoustical consultant, music technologist, forensic audio-video-digital media analyst, and expert witness on a variety of audio technology and forensic audio-related cases. He has worked in the area of forensic audio since 1987 and became Director of the Audio Forensic Center in 2001. He also holds a research position at NASA Ames Research Center and is an adjunct faculty member at McGill University. He has authored four US patents and over 80 books, conference papers, and journal publications, and has qualified as an expert in both Federal and State Courts.

His areas of expertise include audio and video tape authentication, analysis of audibility of speech, alarms, warning signals, voice identification and elimination, and analysis of 'ear witness' testimony, gunshots, as well as acoustic event analysis from recordings. Additionally, he specializes in enhancement of speech from noisy audio-video tape recordings, music copyright infringement, musicological analysis, and patent/intellectual property analysis for audio technology. He also specializes in acoustical testing and measurement (e.g., environmental sound, noise exposure, and software-hardware 'black box' analysis), videotape image enhancement, and analysis of digital recordings.


Continuing Education in Forensics: voice identification (Fausto Poza), video (Ocean Systems)
University of California, San Diego, PhD Computer Audio
Mills College, Oakland, M.F.A. Electronic Music & Recording Media
University of California, Santa Cruz, B.A. cum laude Music & Heuristic Models


Acoustical Society of America
Audio Engineering Society, Fellow
Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
Institute of Noise Control Engineering
California Association of Licensed Investigators
American College of Forensic Examiners
Law Enforcement Video Association
International Association for Identification